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Austin Psych Fest Preview: The Mind Spiders

April 1, 2012

The Mind Spiders: like an ear worm, but with eight legs

In case the memo got tangled in your spam folder, the Mind Spiders are here to proclaim that the Golden Era of garage rock is now. Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Mind Spiders is the side project of Mark Ryan, who is apparently best known for his his other band The Marked Men. I regret to say that I was unfamiliar with the The Marked Men’s catalog, but after seeing this fantastic video, that is an oversight that will be quickly rectified. Welcome to the best minute and a half of your day:

Although they are undoubtedly indebted to the past, the infectiously dirty power pop sensibility of The Mind Spiders is a welcome antidote to the polished sheen of modern music. By falling back to the past, bands like The Mind Spiders have emerged as the perfect palate cleanser for the endless loop of mindless chatter that dogs our dying culture. These guys not only provide a soundtrack that make life worth celebrating, they’ll also cure your hangover in the morning.

Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go – MP3

Mind Spiders – Your Soul – MP3

Buy their albums here. Don’t buy them at Amazon. Amazon will not only send you real spiders, but they will also plant electronic spiders in your brain designed to track your every commercial impulse and desire. Sure, it sounds convenient, but in the end Jeff Bezos will have you mummified in twine made of cheap Chinese silk while he sucks your blood like a milkshake.

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  1. March 6, 2019 10:04 am

    You are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    I love your comments about Bezos. Unfortunately he has cocooned my entire country; the UK and is feeding off the zombie public! Thanks for all the slightly old now band and film recommendations. Both still seem fresh when you are as ignorant as moi.

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