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Song of the Day: Badfinger – Suitcase

March 2, 2011

Oh sure, it’s easy to say that Badfinger aped the Beatles, who signed them to Apple Records and oversaw the production of their first four albums. While crafting some of the most essential pop tunes of the early 70s, sadly, Badfinger never quite got out from under the Beatles’ shadow. While Apple broke them (perhaps in more ways than one), their manager ripped them off – leading directly to the suicide of Pete Ham, the soul of the band, in 1974. Watching this live clip of “Suitcase” from 1972, Badfinger strikes me as a band that never quite found it’s own voice; they jam in an extended way they never did in the studio. Yes, the were a great power pop band – maybe the power pop band of the 70s – but if this performance is any indication, really they just wanted to boogie.

Thanks to Bedazzled, where I found this. That place is a treasure trove.
Here’s the studio version:

Badfinger – Suitcase MP3

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