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Austin Psych Fest Preview: Lotus Plaza

February 20, 2012

Lockett Pundt dreams so you don't have to

Bradford Cox gets all the press from Deerhunter … and, I suppose, deservedly so as he fronts a great band and his side project Atlas Sound is quite the achievement as well, but Lockett Pundt, Deerhunter’s lead guitarist, is no slouch himself. His other band, Lotus Plaza, is rather impressive in its own right. As of this morning, I was completely ignorant of their 2009 gem The Floodlight Collective and now they’re one of the acts I’m most eagerly anticipating at the Psych Fest. While, I wouldn’t necessarily call Lotus Plaza psychedelic, they might very well have mind-expanding properties. There’s a cornucopia of influences on display from shoegaze and dream pop to post-punk and even a little Motown. There’s something about this band, though, that makes such labels seem innocuous and painfully beside the point. Call it what you will, the music causes the world around it to pop … and perhaps there’s nothing quite so psychedelic as that, after all.

Lotus Plaza – What Grows – MP3

Lotus Plaza – Different Mirrors – MP3

Lotus Plaza – Sunday Night – MP3

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