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Song of the Day: American Music Club’s “Myopic Books”

March 3, 2012

Mark Eitzel has ventured out of his room on a cold night and all he wants is to find a bookstore. They’ll play Dinosaur Jr and the people who work there will be super unfriendly and that will make him happy … There’s really nothing I could write that can illuminate the compressed beauty of this song. I’ll just say a bookstore like that would make me happy, too.

American Music Club – Myopic Books – MP3
“Myopic Books” is from the album Love Songs for Patriots. Buy it here. Whatever you do, don’t buy it at Amazon. They kill bookstores. In fact, each time another bookstore dies Jeff Bezos drinks a shot of a struggling writer’s blood in celebration. Of course, Bezos thinks he’s doing the writer a favor. After all, he makes it so easy for the writer to get him his blood. It’s way more convenient than the plasma center. He’ll even pay for shipping, although his stipend never quite covers the actual cost and once Amazon takes a commission on the transaction, it’s hard not to wonder if your blood was really worth anything at all.

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