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Austin Psych Fest Preview: Pure X

March 4, 2012

all are pure X, but only one has the power to purify the depths of your soul

When we first met, Pure X has me thinking of hand sanitizer and MDMA, but that was a trick. Neither of these references are appropriate when it comes to their music. Certainly in a broader scope, there is ecstasy here, but nothing quite so chemically sinister as their name might imply. This Austin band doles out more of a slow motion, have you ever really looked at your hands? vibe than the rhythmically infectious psychedelic camel-step that one might expect at a rave. With gently crunching echoes of the X in sexy, their lo-fi wallpaper melting drone would make an excellent soundtrack to a three hour make-out session where you never go beyond kissing and couldn’t be happier about it. Unfortunately, I’ll never be sixteen again. This is music to melt by. It would certainly be a welcome luxury to have several couches scattered about the venue when they play the Psych Fest, as my knees are already weak and all I want to do is sink into a cushion and marinate in this band’s enveloping and expansive glow.

Pure X – Voices – MP3

Pure X – Easy – MP3

Pure X – Dream Over – MP3

Now that you love them, but their album here. Don’t buy it at Amazon. If you do, they’ll sell your name to the DEA. Seriously, they will.

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